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Factory or Fiction

Performance Installation, 2016

Cat Rabbit and I (Soft Stories) worked with the Artplay New Ideas Lab and over 100 children to design, build and decorate a factory. The factory was 'performed' by groups of children over four sittings and then parts of it were transferred into the Artplay gallery.


Video installation, 2016

A pinball machine inspired by the Bauhaus Ballet costumes of Oskar Schlemmer. Exhibited in the Playful exhibition at the Melbourne City Library April 2016.


Open air theatre experience, 2015

Exploring themes of women's experience of homelessness and violence, we created large scale projections, interactive sets and live drama inside a custom built house in a carpark in Footscray for Big West Festival.

Project devised in collaboration with Jessica Wilson, Will Heathcote and Van Sowerwine. Stop-Motion projections created in collaboration with Van Sowerwine.

Nominated for a Green Room Award for Design and Realisation in Contemporary Performance category!

Kuwaii Remix AW15

2d stop-motion animation, 48secs, 2015

Paper-doll disco with soundtrack by Jojo Petrina.

Winner in the 2016 Virgin Australia Fashion Festival Cultural Program

Too Much for Turtle

Children's Book, 2015
A second book created in collaboration with Cat Rabbit, published by Thames & Hudson. The story is about a shy turtle who lives in a treehouse. She reluctantly takes in a barrage of other animals when a storm hits the village below.

Owl Know How for iPad

An app which brings the Owl Know How book to life with stop-motion animated scenes, narration and music.

Stitching Time

Stitching Time, a group exhibition curated by Dell Stewart and Isobel Knowles, shown at Craft between October 17th and December 1st, 2013. The works were collaborations between textile artists and animators exploring the relationship between the two mediums.

A Matter of Factory

Installation: wooden structure, motors, cogs, felt, screens, animation, sound, 2013
Collaboration with Cat Rabbit. Sound by Finn Robertson
Exhibited at Westspace, September 2013.

Sugar Fountain

Installation: cardboard structures, animation loop, cake. 2012
Collaboration with Ashley Mariani (chef) for Schoolhouse Studios' event, Eat Your Art Out.

Taco Corsage

Video Installation, 1'00", 2012
A video interpretation of a painting of the same name by Natalya Hughes for her exhibition The After Party at Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane.

Owl Know How

Children's Book, 2012
Created in collaboration with Cat Rabbit, published by Thames & Hudson. Based on the animation of the same name.

It's a jungle in here

Stop-Motion Interactive Installation, 2011
Created in collaboration with Van Sowerwine with coding and interactive electronics by Matt Gingold, carpentry by Don Russell, sound design by Finn Robertson and additional coding by Oliver Marriott. Premiered at Screen Space as part of the 2011 Melbourne Festival.

Sesame Fest

Puppet video, 3'00", 2011
Created in collaboration with Cat Rabbit for a Jim Henson tribute exhibition called The Lovers, The Dreamers and Me at Gallery Nucleus, Los Angeles, USA.

Owl Know How

Stop-Motion Animation, 2'24", 2011
Created in collaboration with Cat Rabbit for her exhibition, Secret Animal Realms at No-Vacancy Project Space, Federation Square, Melbourne. The animation was spotted by Thames and Hudson who asked us to turn it into a children's book!

You Were In My Dream

Stop-Motion Interactive Installation, 2010
Winner of the 2010 Premier of Queensland's National New Media Art Award.
Created in collaboration with Van Sowerwine. Check out the You Were In My Dream site to see where it will be exhibited next. Also you can play with a small part of it online.
You Were In My Dream is an Experimenta Commission.

I Fell Off My Bike

Digital Animation, 5'30", 2009,
Sound by Finn Robertson.
Commissioned by Next Wave Time Lapse project for the outdoor screen at Federation Square, 2009.

Qua vs Glactic Jungle

In June, 2009 I collaborated with Gus Kemp to make a visual installation / performace at ACMI to accompany a live set from QUA. Some of the visuals were animations on screens but we also had 5 overhead projectors with different manually operated moving images, sculptures with mirrors that threw light all over the room and a giant dancing shadow puppet hooked up to the drummer.

Milk Magic

Digital Animation, 3'54", 2008

Music by James Cecil. Made for Next Wave Festival nightclub project. The initial sequence was inspired by a dream I had while babysitting a cat.


Stop-Motion Animation, 10" loop, 2007

Animation for a flipbook curated by Tape Projects.


Stop-Motion Animation, 7'00", 2004

Short Film written and directed by Van Sowerwine, animated by Isobel Knowles, Produced by Flim Camp.
Special Mention at 2005 Cannes Film Festival, Golden Hugo for best animation at 2005 Chicago Film Festival, Official Selection at Sundance Film Festival, 2006


Digital Animation, 4'37" loop, 2005

Animated installation, West Space Gallery. Sound by Nick Munnings. The birds were projected on the ceiling and there was a park bench underneath for viewers. A few autumn leaves scattered around the floor completed the sensation of being in the park on an autumn afternoon watching birds do weird stuff in the sky.


Stop-Motion Interactive Installation, 5'22", 2003

Interactive animation in collaboration with Van Sowerwine and industrial design by Liam Fennesssey. An Experimenta New Visions Commission created for House of Tomorrow.

One Windy Afternoon

Digital Animation, 4'30", 2002

Music by Jeremy Dower. Created for an event called Codec Cinema where visual artists and musicians/ sound artists were asked to collaborate and present performances.

And you don't stop

Digital Animation, 2'42", 2002

Music by ASKII. Created for Codec Cinema. Watch out for when he does the worm!


Digital Animation, 2'02", 2001

Collaboration with Madeleine Griffith. We went out and filmed strangers eating in public places then studied the mechanics of eating through rotoscoping. One second of each person's day became weeks of our lives.

Earlier That Day

Digital Animation, 2'31", 2001

A short film where I wrote some film soundtrack inspired music then pretended it was from a film and just animated the section of the film where the music might occur. No beginning, no end, just one random scene from an imaginary film.

At Play Time / On The Way Home

Stop-Motion Animation, 7'01" / 6'47", 2001

These two animations were created in collaboration with musician, Jeremy Dower for a screening of Codec Cinema.


Mixed Form Animation, 9'09", 1998

My first animated film - an alphabet of experimentation.