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The Icypoles, 2014

A video for my own band! The Icypoles released a debut album and this is the video for the single. A sea monkey-ballet filmed in a fish tank.

Catch of the Day

Sally Seltmann, 2014

Pineapple squids, waving fronds, dislocated skeletons and water babes swimming in synchrony.

Needle In The Hay

Sally Seltmann, 2013

I reworked the sugar fountain I made for Eat Your Art Out into a psychedelicious animated video for Sally Seltmann.

The Business World

Monnone Alone, 2013

When I'm ultra busy and there's just no time to take a nice day out in the sun with my friends on a boat or something, I just make sure that work will take me there. If it means I have to make a hotdog puppet the night before, so be it.


Ben Mason, 2015

A man, his scarecrow and some dancing birds.

My Old Ways

Dr Dog, 2007

Inspired by musicals and heist movies, made with watercolour paintings assembled and animated using a computer.

Cheer Me Up, Thankyou

New Buffalo, 2006

Filmed in the Fitzroy and Edinburgh Gardens. I wrote out the lyrics and the frame references for each syllable. Conceived, shot and edited in three days!

Good Thing It's A Ghost Town Round Here

Still Flyin', 2008

Filmed in a backyard in the Mission, San Fransisco with Ian Cone behind the camera, Bobby Beers on lights and Ellen Black helping with makeup and costumes. The first night of the shoot there was a torrential rainstorm and we had to cover the whole yard with a tarpauline. Somehow we managed to keep all the lights and the camera completely dry.

Always On The Telephone

The Ladybug Transistor, 2008

I lived in NYC for a few months and made this video instead of paying rent. We filmed it around Cortelyou Rd, Brooklyn and the Rockaways, Queens. Watch for the shot where the car keeps driving without a driver!

Choking on a Wishbone

Architecture in Helsinki, 2006

Made in collaboration with Warren Taylor. We photographed the band and added them to the stop-motion animated miniature set. I had to do all the post production in the back of a bus driving around Europe.


Architecture in Helsinki, 2005

Filmed on a round-a-bout in East Brunswick at 6am to get good light. Dork Films brought a 16mm camera and a light with a generator and we did 5 takes on our 11min roll of film. Ever been that dizzy?

Like A Call

Architecture in Helsinki, 2003

My first music video, AIH's first single. It took me about 6 months and came out a long time after the single.